Central PA Politics

Welcome to centralpapolitics.com! We are your one stop site to find everything you need for information regarding your life in Central Pennsylvania. We work hard to provide a link between you and all of the local hometown business, entertainment, and political news you may need. We all lead busy lives. Having a reliable source for all the information you may need in one place is an invaluable tool for today’s busy Pennsylvania residents!

Our publication recently moved into some brand new office space!  We want to thank the contractors that got everything built out for us and helped us get moved in so quickly!  We are especially happy with our green energy savings provided by Iowa Solar company, Green Transitions!    They helped us every step of the way from planning to installation!  I never would have thought we would have solar panels, but I’m happy we looked into it!

Given that we are nearing a large election year, being informed about all that is going on in your hometown is especially important! Informed residents can influence all decisions that are made regarding schools, political positions, crime, parks, and new businesses. This means YOU! Some of the information that you may find on centralpapolitics.com includes:

  • Parks and Recreation—find out about proposed park plans and how they may be influenced by your tax dollars and elected officials.
  • Schools—Know where your neighborhood schools fall in comparison to other local, state, and nationwide schools. Learn about community meeting times and opportunities to help up in the race to the top of our nation’s educational systems.
  • Local Businesses—Gain access to proposed and pending business permits. Learn what businesses are looking to join your neighborhood and how those businesses may impact existing establishments.
  • Construction and Maintenance—Find up to date information regarding local work plans that may impact anything from businesses to traffic patterns. Learn where the money from your taxes is allocated and how local law enforcement will be used to create smooth work sites.
  • Local Political Offices—Find biographical information and work histories for local elected and appointed officials. Find current proposals and projects that they are working on and if there are any ways for you to become involved.
  • Sports—Whether Little League or professional sporting events, Pennsylvania offers a lot to love for the sports enthusiast. Find information about local teams and games that may be occurring close to your home!
  • Entertainment Opportunities—While people may not consider the entertainment industry as connected to local politics it can’t be denied that local concerts, events, and parties can have an impact on a local economy through increases in revenue. Find out about any upcoming events that could impact your local economy here.

Everyone wants to make their hometown the best it can be and we help to provide you with all of the information that you need to make the most of your local opportunities. We cut out the running around for you and provide you with a source to connect all aspects of your local world!